Refund and Replacement

If you want to return the product you ordered for any reason after receiving it, the path you need to follow and what you need to know is clearly stated below:

You must definitely report your return request and product-related problem to the [email protected] mail address within 7 (seven) days from the day your order arrives.

You must return the product to be returned in full and invoice, the package is undamaged, unused, and Incity shop containing the correct address.

If the invoice of the product is institutional, you must send it together with a “RETURN INVOICE” issued by the institution for the return process, without including the cargo share, cut into “Product Unit Price + VAT”. If the “REFUND INVOICE” of the order returns whose invoice is issued on behalf of the institutions is not issued, the refund process will NOT be made.

The box, packaging, and standard accessories of the product, if any, must be included in the package in which you returned us, in a complete and undamaged way.

The shipping fee is paid by the buyer, except for a return from production. The address to be used in returns is InCity Boys Girls, LLC- 2745 Augeron Ct. Alpharetta, GA, USA, 30004

Before your return is approved, the product-related review is carried out by our “return unit”. Products considered to be problematic from the consumer will not be returned if necessary.

In case the product you want to return is defective, your refund will be confirmed and the amount withdrawn from your credit card or by bank transfer will be deposited into your account.

After your return is confirmed

After your return is approved, we inform you of the status information about your return by e-mail and refund your product price. It may take an average of two to three weeks for your credit card refund to be reflected in your statement, depending on your bank’s processes and practices. This process is a unique application of each bank and InCity does not have any right to intervene in this process. You can get detailed information from your bank regarding the delay in the reflection of your return transaction to your credit card statement.

Returns other than the right of withdrawal

The Consumer’s “Right of Withdrawal Without Reason” is valid only for the purchase of products for which a return request has been reported within 7 days after the mentioned shopping takes place. Refunds are not acceptable for periods exceeding 7 days. However, you can report the products you think are manufacturing defects and you want to return within one month following the date of delivery and send them to us within 7 days. In this case, our related unit starts a process that determines whether the product can be returned or not by examining your complaint. This process is on average 3 working days. When the return of your product is approved, the fees you pay for the product price and shipping fee will be returned to your credit card. When the reason for the problem you have specified is determined as a usage error, your order will be sent back to you as “Buyer Paying” with the invoice you sent to us.

Replacement conditions

You can replace your products that you bought from Incity Online Store in case of size mismatch with big or small size. In this case, you must first give information to the [email protected] e-mail address and have a stock check done. As a result of the stock control, if the size you want is in stock, the size that you do not want is requested. After the product you sent for body change is received by us, the other product you requested is delivered to the cargo. You can make your change requests within 7 days from the date you receive your product.

The shipping fee for the products you want to return is covered by our company.

In order to benefit from free shipping, you must deliver your package to the address given above.